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Topic of the seventh volume of the journal 7 (2017):
Family and partnerships in the European landscape. Details.


The title „Family Forum” indicates a double mission of the journal: the central point, which is the place of the intersection of main lines of the communication and the composition of the jury appropriate to settle a case. The mission of the journal is to create a plane to exchange thoughts on essential issues connected with the family matter, including controversial and difficult problems.
The point is to initiate and develop a debate concerning the most essential issues dealing with the family, thus cooperating with fulfilling the humanistic idea of a common interdisciplinary care about the family which is a basic human life environment.
As for the scope of the journal it is open to the maximum interdisciplinary and integral approach, as these are characteristic indicators of the family itself and its problems. The journal is programmatically open to all people who are close to the family and the problems it encounters and who are ready to undertake new challenges facing the family.
Different scientific and social environments and the contexts of family functioning in various countries modify the approach towards the issues discussed. Thus there are scientific texts and research findings published in the journal. The Authors are from different countries and they represent different scientific disciplines, which are substantially connected by the family subject.


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