Barbara Simonič

an assistant professor (docent) and researcher at Faculty of Theology, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (Department for Marital and Family Therapy and Psychology and Sociology of Religion; master program Marital and Family Studies). She is also a marital and family therapist and supervisor at Franciscan Family Institute in Ljubljana. Significant publications: Empatija (Empathy), Ljubljana 2010; The horizons of reconciliation after traumatic experience, in: Juhant J., Žalec B. (ed.), Reconciliation: the way of healing and growth, Zürich – Münster 2012, LIT, pp. 267–274; The science of the empathy: empathy and its meaning in the modern world, in: Juhant J., Žalec B. (ed.), Humanity after selfish Prometheus: chances of dialogue and ethics in a technicized world, Münster 2011, pp. 217–225. Contact: